There is this notion that has grown with me that I must plan everything out.  Having a plan, a minute-by-minute schedule of my day that I rehearse the night before (out loud as my roommates probably would like to throw pillows at me) and again in the morning. I reiterate this schedule over and over in hopes of not missing anything. Additionally, I reassure my successes of the day with  a written “To Do” list so I can have the glorious pleasure of denoting all of the completed tasks with a green highlighter. Day after day passes in time and this pleasing principle of checking off the “To Do’s” grows old because, it is in fact aged.

Although structure, being organized and punctual are things I am good at, I have picked up a new, rather contradictory habit.  Spontaneity. This, condition of being spontaneous has lead to some pivotal moments of living.  Traveling where the wind takes you is an art.  Being able to adjust, change, and enjoy the breeze as it carries you through the atmosphere, if you choose to let it, you will be right where you need to be. Today, that was at a concert with my friend. A few weeks ago, it was on top of a water tower in North Carolina.  Tomorrow, well, I can’t plan that or it wouldn’t be spontaneous now would it?!

Spontaneity is an art of living boldly.  This choice to allow life to carry you to where you are meant to be, and enjoying every moment, is a masterpiece. This carefully unplanned experience adds to the collection of moments that makeup what we call life.  These moments can be added to our gallery.  Pull the truck to the side of the road.  Dance in a field as the sun sets.  Chase the one you love.  Allow the beat of the concert speakers to pound in your chest.  Feel the wind tousle your hair, for it might just take you with it.  Be spontaneous, live boldly, because darling: what if you fly?


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