Carolina Can

Your body expresses beautifully what you have in your heart. Allowing our bodies to be instruments of our hearts is allowing our heart to openly love. Learning to do so is quite the task when you are comfortable with restricting the impulsive need to love.

With love comes loss, not all the time, but the loss leaves scars. These scars are a daily reminder of the love that was and that could have been. With that we teach ourselves to hide the expression of love to protect ourselves.  But are we protecting or hurting?

To be able to love so passionately, and hold someone’s heart more tenderly than your own, is a gift.  This gift to feel so extremely is one that I have suppressed and learned to hinder its ability to flourish. This learned ability to turn off something so beautiful is not something I would wish upon anyone. Rationale being: allowing no home for hurt by not allowing a home for love.  Seems pretty logical, however more so immature. This breeds shallow relations with individuals who are just as shallow as I am trying to be.  But truly, I know what my hearts capacity can be and the potential has not been tapped for about 6 years.

If you went through your lives not allowing yourself to love the sun or the water or the way a song sounds through old car speakers, are you enjoying life? If you teach yourself not to show how much you care about someone, do you really care about them? This transparency is lost in our culture and I realize that I am a culprit of my own criticisms.

Loving is fearless. To love so dangerously is fearless.  I strive to be fearless, and if  I fall, perhaps I’ll fly.  I’m trying to find my wings and right now, I think the only Carolina can give me flight. Allowing to hold your heart more tenderly than my own would be an honor; I hope we fly.


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