Isn’t it magical how the sun hides away every night after giving us one of the most beautiful creations on this planet, the sunset? After the finale of the day, the sun hides away for it loves the moon so much, he lets her shine.  Through the loneliness of the night, the stars glimmer their twinkle, paying a sort of respect to the beauty of the moon’s shine.  She shines ever so effortlessly, as she lights up the night sky.  Her phases show her full potential. Though she may not always be full, but she always reaches her potential.

The crisp night air, a time for lovers, a time for conversations that are only unleashed after the sun’s hide away. The moon, in her beauty and shine, opens up the world of conversation that can only be appreciated by her. Perhaps one of her most inviting places for thoughts to turn to conversation is where the sea meets the sky. Whether this conversation is with yourself, with the moon herself, or to someone else, you’ll find comfort expressing the thoughts of the day under the caring shine of the moon.

The mångata is a word I only wish we had in the English language but perhaps, is more cherish-able that it is in a foreign tongue. Mångata, meaning, the very exquisite sight of the moonlit path along the water that seemingly leads right to the moon herself. This infinite path into the horizon, only disturbed every so slightly by the wavy movement of the water, allows for an imaginative experience of meeting the moon.  This reachability, that if you were to take your thoughts, your conversation and walk this path, the moon herself will be there shining for you.

As she shines every night, she gives us this beautiful sight, only those lucky enough to be awake and by water can experience.  If you experience her mångata, cherish this sight and understand that this is why the sun must go down.  His love for her is so strong that he hides away to let her shine through the night, only to rise again in admiration of her mångata.


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