Life: A Collection of Memories

Life is a collection of moments. The idea is to collect as many good ones as you can.  This notion of impermanence allows our hearts to want and love as hard as they can, at that given moment, for perhaps, in the next breath it could be gone.

Our memories, the most cherished, are stored in our heads.  These are our safe havens.  The place we travel to when life gets too hard to handle. Our minds develop a place for us to travel to in times when we crave the escape.  The troubled souls clouded over with stress, angst, anxiety, seek our havens of lust and freedom.  These are the collections of moments we need to cease. This is living.

How do we remember these moments so vividly? Our brain is an amazing machine than soaks in, like a sponge, the surroundings in which you allow it to.  But the trouble is, our generation is too busy trying to record it and even worse, living to post it.  The thought of going to an event, a place, and the sole and largest concern is the documentation, strictly prohibits the brain to be able to remember the sound, the smell, the lights, the feelings.

Mindfulness: the idea of being in touch with your senses and taking in with full observation all that is around you.  Be at the concert: feel your body sway to the rhythm of the music; hear the roar of the crowd and the melody blasting; listen to the beat of your heart as the songs you know all too well triggers an emotional renegade; smell the slightly overpowering cologne from the man three seats down; see the lights blast and glimmer lighting up the smiles of your best friends you get to share this moment with; love the moment because you cannot capture that all on video.

Take a photo, capture it. Remember it. Then take the time to mentally collect these memories.  These are the memories you’ll return to. These are your glory days.





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