Fix Me

Why can’t I hold a hand, Fall into love again?

I haven’t felt a kiss, in months of time. Why’s this,

the only thing I think about, when lights go out

letting sleepless nights daunt my tire’ eyes.

Why’s the night the time my mind

let’s my universe untwine.

Can’t fix me. Cause I just hit the floor.

Can’t break me, Cause i’m already torn.

Can’t love me, when you think you’ve got the chance.

You can’t hold me, you need to know ya, It’ll only be one dance

But if you dare to try, then try but don’t live a lie.

Don’t break those words, I swore I’d never try.

I will hold your heart more tenderly than my own.

Can’t fix me,  Can’t Break me, Can’t love me,

Don’t you know?

The only one who can do those things is myself.

Until I fix me, break me, love me even more,

I can’t hold a hand, or fall into love again.




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