Check your watch, it’s time to LIVE

20, 50, or 92

It’s time to step into you.

Rise from sleep, and see the sunrise.

Don’t bring a phone, just open your eyes.

The world is ours, we must cease.

The fruits, the sand, the water, the trees.

I’m saddened to think that some life life sad.

My heart goes out to lives that are bad.

If we have the choice to watch the endless tides,

then why not sit back and enjoy the ride?

Caught up in anxiety and stress,

At the waters edge is where I find myself best.

So what if I lived everyday like I am at the beach?

Not stressed, smiling and carefree.

Loving to love, and living to live are goals to reach.

So I’ll wake up for the sunrise and chase the sunsets.

Only choosing my Tribe to spend each,

Passing minute, hour, and day with.

Let go of hate, fill hearts with love.

Loving myself first and foremost.

So that I can one day love the ones I should most.

at 20 I am choosing to live,

at 50 I will continue,

and at 90 I will know my life has been lived.

Check your watch,

hearts content.


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