Writing My Story

So, they say everyone writes their own story, the author of their life. You ultimately decide who, what and where, is going to be in your story. Obviously fate decides the when, but ultimately we have a choice in the other factors.  That being said, I feel as if allowing other people to write chapters of my story is seemingly fitting.

I think that I am the co-author and editor of my book, rather than the sole author.  Now, people might argue this and wonder why I would want to give someone that power? Well, I think there have been a decent amount of influential people in my life that have shaped and molded me into the person I am today.  Without their chapters in my book, I don’t think I would be the same person.  If I just ripped out their sections, there would be missing pieces to the puzzle.

I do not think that I could write their chapters, their impacts on my story, better than them.  I think while that chapter was being written, I was in a time of change and finding myself, and they were the  influencers in my story.

Collaboration: individuals coming together to make something with a common goal.  I think that some of the best works of art, the best projects, buildings, countries, albums, have come from people coming together to make something great. And that is how I want my story to be. Great.

As people come in and out of my life, my script is carefully detailed and crafted into this charismatic story full of twists and turns. I will write most of the chapters, but perhaps some of the most important chapters should be written by the influencers.

I have had three or four co-authors so far and I am excited to see if I encounter anymore collaborations. I am sure I will but as for right now, I am pretty happy with my story thus far.

Keep writing your stories, don’t rip chapters out because they were put in there for a reason.



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