After the Storm Blows Through

Hurricanes, Nor’easter, Tornados, you name it. Devastating and heart breaking. Hearts are broken all over the world right now.  These 3 am broken hearts are shredded, mangled, taped back together, torn, shattered from all kinds of storms. What’s your storm tonight?

Ever have to walk around for a week pretending to be having the best week of your life? How about when you’re dying inside? Truly exhausting.  But this exhaustion unfortunately isn’t a lullaby by any means.

Tears, just like summer rain, salty, warm, trickling down my cheek.  Sniffles, just like those from a snow blizzard; when you finally get in somewhere warm, you nose just runs. But what if you had someone to brave the storm with? Would that make it any easier? I like to think that I am stronger for braving the storm alone. However, in my weakest moments at 2am, my hardest cries at 3am, and exhausted sighs at 4am, I can’t help but wish I had someone to hold me after the storm blows through. But here I am, in the exhausted sighs stage, braving this storm.

Facing the wind, taking on the rain; it is defeating. But what if this  dreaded storm is cleansing us?  These storms we are struck with, that leave us with heart break and ambiguity, maybe they are building us into stronger, more resilient, fresh, new flowers that are the burst of color after disaster. Or maybe we are lost in the rubble for a while. When I find out, I’ll let you know.

For now, brave your storm.  You’re not alone.  Us broken hearts have to stick together. “Sometimes love is a white flag, sometimes love is standing tall. Sometimes love is feather, sometimes a cannonball.  And it’s worth fighting for. Baby sometimes love is war. Sometimes love can save us.” Go love. It saves us from our storms.


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