Your Friend, McVeigh

My eyes glisten a bright hue of blue tonight as they are glazed over with tears.  “My dear friend” McVeigh has left us here, with all of his remarkable lessons he has taught us, and become an angel.  McVeigh has touched thousands of lives, be it through community service, the Germantown Academy Community, or just being “Your Friend McVeigh.”

I don’t think I could put into words all of the positive descriptive words I would use for McVeigh. He acted as a Poppy Pete to me, as well as to others and his own grandchildren.  He was a mentor, leading the exploration of ‘what is high school’ as we all tried to find our way.  Finding community service and, most importantly, finding McVeigh crafted my high school experience and who I am today.  Graduating from GA, I was so blessed to have made so many strong connections with teachers and advisors alike.  However, in parting, the teacher who I never had, has taught me the most, Peter McVeigh. How to be a good person, how to be a good teacher, a good listener, a good Friend, McVeigh’s door was always open for a chat, advice, a cry, a hug.

GA’s community is stronger than any other.  It is through hardships like these that we can come back and be so grateful for the blessings we have been graced with- each other.  McVeigh was a blessing that is irreplaceable.  Through each tragedy McVeigh served as my rock, my hug, my phone call to check and see “How ya holdin’ up kid?”

I cannot put into words how blessed we have all been to experience McVeigh in all of his selfless acts– he has inspired me to be a better person in day to day life.  But more importantly, going the extra step and spending some holiday time serving a meal.  These trips to visit our friend Chris in the hospital, countless van rides to Philly to “serve a meal” and the conversations of laughter and love  will be forever cherished in my memory.  Although, right now my spirit is broken, McVeigh has left an impact on me that I am eternally grateful for. Because I knew you, I have been changed for good. Thank you McVeigh.

Love and Hugs from your friend,



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