Do It For the Girl Who Never Got To

Dating your best friend is the best relationships you’ll indulge yourself in.  That foundation of honesty, openness, goofiness, and acceptance gives your relationship the best beginning. You know each other like the back of your hand, because that’s how best friends are.. Until one night, perhaps a little liquid courage is involved. If you’re lucky enough to have that twist of fate changing everything, that friendship that jumps the odds and turns into something more, give it all you’ve got.  

This is the age of games. The game we are ALL guilty of playing: Who can act like they care less? It’s so easy to be afraid to show the vulnerability of caring.  So this facade is instilled, but honestly, it’s not worth it.  You’re best friend fell for you because of the caring person you are… Not because you gave them the cold shoulder, so why start now? Unfortunately, this game is a lose lose; winning leads to wishing you never played.

Here’s the story: Boy meets girl (HA!), boy and girl are instant best friends. Open, honest, caring, goofy, and midnight drives.  Boy likes girl, but girl has no idea (Classic right?). Flash forward. Boy Kisses Girl.  Boy and Girl had NO idea that a short 8 months later this would flourish into love. He loved her, he told her. She loved him, she’d never tell. Romantic? Well, yes, but girl ruined it.

A slight twist to the typical, girl gets screwed over by guy and ends up crying on the floor in his sweatshirt. Although the sweatshirt and tears ensue, she hurt him. Girl was guarded and instead of telling him why, she tried to push him away. Twice. She was honest, and open, but she tried too hard to act like she didn’t care. Girl didn’t deserve the second chance, but she got it, and she blew it. Despite popular belief, it wasn’t her fault entirely.  He was not able to be hers, and she has lost love so many times she swore she’d never be close to someone again. But boy never knew.

So boy, retaliated. But you see, no one wins. Because this well deserved retaliation tore her to pieces. Boy and girl promised to stay friends no matter what, and that was the hardest part, because they did.

How do you mend a broken heart, fragile, and sad because you not only hurt yourself, but your other half? The answer is, the way you started (but first, swallow your pride): honesty, openness, caring, and midnight drives. That is exactly what girl did.

So if you’re lucky enough to date your best friend, be honest, be open, be goofy, be caring, and go for a drive. Because if you change the way you are from when you were friends, that is not the person he fell in love with. There is a reason why we all are the way we are. Sometimes people are like onions and we need to peel them back one layer at a time. As for the game, luckily in this match, no one lost, no one won, but it would have saved much heartbreak if no one played.

P.S.  I’m the girl who never got to



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